Lancaster Brewing’s Winter Warmer Ale

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Lancaster Brewing Winter Warmer

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Our classic Olde Ale redefines the term “full-bodied” with its deliverance of complex and firm malt flavor. A fine blend of British and American hops provides an even bitterness as this beer, true to its name, finishes with a warming alcohol flavor.

With a whopping 8% ABV, each sip truly delivers an impact, beginning with a wafting aroma of caramel, molasses (very notable!) and some gingerbread and spice to make everything so nice. This sweet, dark scent preludes the taste, consisting of a quick malty bitterness to the mouth, which quickly succumbs to a sweet, sweet, vanilla and caramel taste followed by a quick, strong ale-malt with a little fruit when savored. The taste melts to reveal a wider spectrum of fruits, dark coffee and nutmeg, among other tastes, while keeping a distinct beer like bitterness on the tongue and around the mouth.

Lancaster Brewing Winter Warmer
Lancaster Brewing Winter Warmer

Overall this is an enjoyable ale leaning more towards a stronger ale and malty taste with a rich, dark sweetness. There’s some fun in savoring the aftertaste where the beer really delivers its palette.

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