1989 BMW 325is

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Purchased on from my friend Mike for $4,000.00 with a guesstimated mileage of 160,000 (the odometer doesn’t work).

This fun to drive E30 has had a good life with me being the apparent fourth owner. Mike had previously purchased it from Gary Phillips Auto Sales in Kutztown, PA. From his investigation, it’s had all OEM and stock replacement work done to it, and even the exhaust (which is a bit loud in a nice European way) was a BMW option. Only the radio is an apparent aftermarket replacement!


The car still runs very well and is a lot of fun to drive, it has a similar feel (albeit slower) to my S2000; it handles great and rev’s high with it’s 5-speed manual attached to a truck-like shifter. It’s not the quickest thing off the line but has a great amount of Torque which eats through gas mileage as displayed on the analog MPG readout.

On the name, as Mike is a serious car guy, he gave the name of Rook to it being as it’s black, and something to do with how you race these cars in comparison to the chess piece. A friend of his made an icon logo thing which hangs from the rear-view mirror.

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