1989 Ford Escort

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1989 Ford Escort

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Purchase information such as VIN is long lost.

After the complete failure from the Geo Storm, I once again desperately needed a car. Our family mechanic had this Ford Escort for sale for $500.00. And that $500 would last a damn good while.

This burnt-red Escort with a pale-grey interior was far from interesting as you can get from anything I’ve previously owned. Front wheel drive, automatic, it farted out groans of compliance regardless of the weather conditions. It always started, never failed even in door-handle-height water, had an overzealous heater but an under-performing air-conditioner.

I’d taken an I don’t give a fuck attitude with this thing and loaded the back up with every stupid sticker I was handed at the clubs & raves I’d attended during this time. Filling the back seat & floor with club flyers and papers, I never once locked the doors on this thing. ANYWHERE. That trick payed off, it was never broken into in the city or New Brunswick, NJ. Gotta hand it to camouflage.

But this little Escort did it’s job admirably over the time I had it. It did handle very, very well in snow and ice. One night while driving home from a job interview (that I did get), I drove through some ridiculous pool under an overpass. Water came just under the window, well over the door handles. It kept moving. Gotta love seeing SUV’s stop and turn around after that site. Nothing stopped this thing, not even acceleration, but it was cheap and it was very dependable and it well deserves that.

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