1998 Volkswagen New Beetle

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Still need to hunt down purchase information, vin, etc.

After the Escort and with the career improving once again, the time came to find a better vehicle that wasn’t as embarrassing to drive. How about a New Beetle!

I managed to find the exact one I had been pining for; Blue with Tan interior, with a manual transmission. While my friend was a bit cramped in the back seat during the initial test-drive of an automatic purple model, we drove passed the car I’d eventually purchase from the same dealership, and I stated that if that was a manual, I’d take it.

And I did.

After a very lengthy purchase time (I remember that time vividly even now), away I went as the 2nd owner of this New Beetle. Overall it proved to be an enjoyable and reliable vehicle, given you never accidentally left the lights on; that would kill the battery instantly. And speaking of batteries, since this shares the same battery as the Audi TT and some Porsche’s, my god was that thing expensive. As was any other part in this car. A crack had started on the windshield during a drive to work from a rock magically flying through the air. A new windshield would be $500. Most other common parts for the car were equally pricey for this import.

The shifting on the bug was ok, it had a very long throw of course, and reverse meant pushing the shifter down to the floor while getting it into gear, something not always easy to do, but it did avoid any accidental reverse-gears when going into overdrive.

The rear-hatch was fairly roomy but obviously not as much as the Golf that it shared platforms with. The heavier Beetle body also didn’t help handling when enjoying the occasional on and off ramp either. But overall, it was still fun to drive. I wish I had a sunroof in this though.

Sold as a trade-in with 47,388 Miles for the Ford Explorer.

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