2003 Honda S2000

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Purchased at Import Auto World in New Jersey for $15,300.

I originally test drove a 2002 S2000 while comparison shopping for a roadster. I had driven several Z4’s previously as I really loved the design of that car, but something just never felt right with the car. I had drove a Toyota MR2 and while the car was just a blast to drive and felt amazing with it’s rear-engine mount, it just was not practical with no trunk space to speak of.

But, the moment I took that ’02 S2K out of the lot at a dealership, I knew this was the car. The 2003 I ended up buying always brought a smile to my face when I got in it and pushed the start button. The car just handled great, it was the only car enjoyable to drive with two hands on the steering wheel that I’ve owned!

The previously, only owner had upgraded the intake valve with an AM2 Intake that, while overall increasing the HP by 25, just gave the car an excellent sound. It was not a typical Honda with a fart-can on the exhaust end sound. The AM2 only really made noise when under load with torque. The sound was very nice, and not constant at low RPM’s.

Speaking of RPM’s, the RPPM meter in this was just awesome; a large arcing LED display going way up the band. So much fun to drive! Although I did occasionally screw up the shifting going into 2nd and sometimes even 3rd. The shifting was definitely not as smooth and easy as the Miata or other manuals I had, but then again this car was a lot more powerful than the other manual vehicles I owned.

January 18th, 2009 (the night the Eagles lost their attempt at Superbowladge), I was driving home form the parent’s house and hit a patch of black ice on the White Horse Pike underneath the 295 Underpass.

Car was considered totaled by the insurance company. I am pretty certain I saw this driving up from 42 one night; it had primer patchwork in the ares where the damage was. Very glad to see this car on a second life.

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