2003 Mercedes CLK-500

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We owned this 2003 CLK-500 for nearly a year after selling it to a private buyer via cars.com.

While the car ran very well and still had a strong engine with low-milage, it was needing some expensive repair, because all repairs on a Mercedes are expensive. Probably the most annoying repair estimate was for a simple censor located under the passenger seat that would require ripping out half the rug to get to. This censor existed solely to tell you that the passenger seat was not secured into position. And because a warning light existed because of its failure, passing inspection would be a failure as well.

We knew it was an old car going in, but it had a lot of advantages. And it was a very nice car to drive, especially on the highway. Its large V8 just wanted to go down the road, and it did so very smoothly! The breaks were very ample for its weight, and the stereo was equally as entertaining as the 2004 Cadillac CTS. I definitely miss powerful stock stereos in my rides.


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