2004 Cadillac CTS

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Purchased at Wynn Volkswagen in Pennsylvania for $12,675.

Grey on black, an exterior colour I’d never felt I’d own, but I feel it’s fitting for this design. I like the hard angles on these model CTS’s, this color does that design justice.

The CTS’s of this generation got excellent reviews, they have great reliability and all the desirable features. After losing the S2000 in an accident, I needed a new vehicle rather quickly, and with a payout from the insurance company in hand, set out on researching a sedan this time around since I was doing a lot of long commuting.

While the performance CTS-V version of this vehicle grabs all the attention in reviews & press, this 6-Cylinder version is still pretty admirable for a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The thing to keep in mind however, is that the vehicle overall is designed to be a performer to go up against the German imports and such; the M5 & S5 for instance. Which is does for the most part and then some, but you will not get a comforting, Cadillac slushy ride in this. It is a bit hard over crap in the road, especially with my model here with the added sport-package.

Gotta love the Sport button however; it kicks up the shifting RPM’s. There’s a snowflake-button for added aide in the snow and wet roads; it basically starts you off in 2nd gear, and heightens the electronic nannies. The required sunroof is of course here, as is a fantastic Bose sound system which does not do the same sound-compression/decompression crap that their home stereo system does. It really is a nice addition while I sit in traffic on 476! It doesn’t require premium gas (even though I put it in regardless) if gas prices ever go to shit again.

The all black interior isn’t my ideal color, but it is nice nonetheless. It definitely is not on par with other true luxury vehicles of that year, for instance, the Acura TL, it’s sibling STS and definitely not the level of refinement found in an Audi or BMW (even of previous years).

The CTS was sold to a private buyer via Cars.com on February 12, 2012 with 94,812 miles for $7,000.00.

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