Cigars International Blendlab RH-5554

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Cigars International Blendlab RH-5554

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From first puff to last, this cigar remains a solid smoker, delivering an airy but potent woody taste that covers the entire mouth. A light pepper hits the back of the throat, only noticeable with some time enjoying the cigar. A dusty, dry taste remains overall, so water on hand is a must.

Retrohaling this cigar needs caution, because instantly, the smoke fires up its peppery bite and stings the mouth and especially the throat. Trying to exhale this through the nose should be an X-Game event; it’s not easily and takes skill and caution. It’s not recommended to retrohale overall as it doesn’t deliver any surprised or enjoyment, just empowering the dry, dusty and woody tastes to an unpleasant experience.

However, the aroma is an instant hit and is full of a rich, earthy tobacco quality that is highly enjoyable. Herbal layers, a note of a melting chocolate, cinnamon, and pepper are present. This underscores the rich tobacco that fills the air quite heavily. Idling, it smooths out to a very rich caramel sweetness that lingers for a good while, with a few notes of cinnamon and sugar.

While this may be a beast to the mouth if not puffed lightly, it has such a rich, warm tobacco presence that’s very memorable, and quite worth the extreme risks to enjoy, especially at $6.00