Gurkha Park Avenue 44

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Gurkha Park Avenue 44

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A gorgeously wrapped cigar with natural veiny highlights covered by an oily sheen. I like that in a cigar, it means good things, and Gurkha got it right on this one.

Just as the look of this cigar is smooth & creamy, so it tastes. The draw is very nice and cool, instantly filling the mouth with a milky-vanilla smoke while a quip but light nip of cinnamon or pepper (depending on the cigar’s mood) on the tip of the tongue. A nice sweet aftertaste melts around the mouth while some light pepper resides on the throat and far sides of the tongue. Some salt and tanginess are present as well. But wait! There’s more; for the first time, I’ve actually tasted a cigar like it smells pre-light. There is a tobacco quality to this cigar that matches its standing aroma very well, pretty cool I think! And that fresh-tobacco taste just gets better when retrohaling as it warms up and delivers a great earthy herbal smoked taste that’s a bit floral as it washes over the tongue. Some notes of smoked pear & nuts are present also. Exhaling through the nose brings with it some pepper, so a little caution on that.

The aroma is equally smooth and sweet with a milky-vanilla presence carrying that great fresh tobacco aroma. Herbal and pepper notes abound as does a light fruit sense. On idling, it gets warmer and sweeter (but not in a sugary sense, more vanilla sweetness) and the tobacco becomes more earthy.

This is a really enjoyable cigar, I feel it can easily be a regular smoke and a great chaser. Medium in strength, it offers up a great tobacco sensation that’s balanced by a rich sweet character. An amazing creation at $60 for 20 cigars, the Park Avenue 44 is a definite favorite.