La Sirena

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Anything that is produced from the My Father cigar factory is something I have to try as I love their namesake line and much of their other offerings. This cigar is a collaboration between Miami Cigar Co., and blended by Pepin Garcia himself. Sounds godlike already! And that label is gorgeous.

The cigar lights up easily and remained so for the entire smoke without any loose ash coming off. Gotta love that, and the perfect draw as well. On each puff, a cool smoke fills the mouth covering the mouth with a nice smoked meat taste with an instant rich cocoa powder, leather and chocolate taste. The tongue is wrapped in layers of sweet chocolate, a little salt, and some fruit, maybe apple. The aftertaste definitely consists of chocolate and a nice mellow sweetness. Retrohaling is highly enjoyable as the concotion cooks into a smoked meaty meal with more of the fruit-like sweetness watering the mouth and a chocolately desert aftertaste remaining. Only in the initial light is there a peppery sense.

The aroma is rich with earth, a deep tobacco quality (not herbal, which I use often to describe the tobacco sense), a milk-chocolate sweetness and a defiant note of pepper if inhaled too close. The idle aroma gets richer with more of the milk-chocolatey sweetness coming out, enwrapped in that great tobacco note.

This is a great cigar with some of the great tobacco qualities of My Father products, but with a distinction that’s more on the darker, sweeter side of things. It’s a nicely complex cigar that behaves well and delivers a lot of satisfaction. I love it.