Lars Tetens Tres Civitates

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Lars Tetens Tres Civitates

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So, my second Lars Tetens stick after finding the first one quite interesting, purchased at Tobacco Fields Cigars. Once again, the internet shares no love for the most part for this man and his Cigars. But I will have to say, there’s just an amazingly gorgeous label on this cigar.

It has the same powerful pre-smoke aroma that I just can’t lay my finger on from the Via Lucis I had before. Some odd meld of a powerful fruit and maybe plastic. Well, this one has more taste than the previous Lars Tetens, and it tastes like it smells.

From first light to end, a puff draws in a cool smoke that gets hot quickly in the mouth, spreading a light pepper around. The tongue receives a dose of a bitter quality, while the back of the mouth receives that odd fruit & plastic taste that the cigar emits odor wise. In the aftertaste, things melt to a light saltyness and the smoke remains and cooks the pepper a bit. Retrohaling really exemplifies that unique fruit & plastic taste without enhancing the pepper, but also bringing out a very dry smoked-wood taste as well. It goes through the nose nicely, but really leaves that bitter-soury taste afterwords.

The aroma does capture that odd sense again with the soury-plastic & fruit, but contains some nice sugar and even cinnamon. It idles very nicely, getting warm and enriching an earthy tobacco quality that otherwise isn’t noticable.

It’s an odd cigar, and this size is definitely much more stronger in the taste and senses than the larger one I had. I prefer the larger one for that, and though I am not sure what to make of the overall pre-light smell and taste, I find it interesting and wanting it on occasion. I do like variety, and I’ve had much worse, but I don’t feel this is that bad of a cigar as most on the internet do.