Lars Tetens Via Lucis

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Google Lars Teten and you reveal a history behind the pink-beareded man that extends from early 80’s Rock ‘N Roll to Haute’ Couture, Perfume Making, Sausage rolling, Watch craftmanship and of course…some well sought after, expensive, but amazingly crafted cigars.

Initially, the label on this cigar struck me when I saw it at Tobacco Field in Wilimington, DE; it’s intricate and colorful and awesome. Once I took hold of the cigar, however, I was wafted with a highly unexpected, fruity aroma. Is this an infused cigar? I don’t know.

The cigar lit very easily, and on the initial puff, breathes in ever so smoothly…and that’s it. There’s nearly no taste at all to this cigar, a very odd surprise! Eventually, however, a taste does come about, but you’ll have to be drinking water to find it. The smoke is nearly non-existant in the mouth and without temperature, until you hold it in. This reveals that same fruit-like bouquette melting in the mouth. A very slight hint of smoked fruit lays on the edges of the mouth, but overall, it’s a sweet, pear and fruit that’s so far from obtrusive, strong or peppery you might as well smoke a straw.

The aroma is just a great heavenly blend of that standing-fruit like smell that releases a light but fulfilling range of smells that, I have to hope, are simply unique to this cigar. That sweet bouquette melts into a light herbal tobacco note with a hint of pure sugar and some rich earthiness. A slight tang comes about often, as do some exotic flowery notes.

This was an astounding find. It’s truly a unique experience, though may be a little poignant at first, but it reveals itself to be the utmost of unique qualities I’ve run across yet, while remaining light on all the senses. I’m definitely going back for more.