Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012

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Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012

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A cigar recommended to me by the curator of Delaware Cigars.

We wanted to follow up on the success of 2011 with something new to our portfolio. The cigar is the strongest cigar to date that we have released. There is a lot of power and kick to the cigar, but a tremendous amount of flavor.

And by all means I agree! This starts out with the first 1/3rd as a strong, peppery smoke with a warm meaty taste that’s dry to the mouth, leaving behind a smokey wood in the mouth and a light pepper in the throat. It’s not unbearable, but quite stirring.

Retrohaling this cigar is an achievement, I could not hold it more more than a second once it hit the nose. The pepper explodes, making it quite difficult to enjoy. However, the meaty taste cooks and melts nicely in the mouth, not completely in a creamy sense but revealing some sweetness. An earthy, dry taste still lingers afterward.

The aroma is a rewarding experience delivering a rich earthy tobacco quality similar to some of my favorite My Father smokes. Warm and toasty with notes of cocoa powder, pepper & sugar with a subtle layer of herbal notes. The room note mellows out to reveal a sugary-sweet richness and a smoked wood.

The cigar does mellow out with the pepper after the first 1/3rd, but still remains a challenge to retrohale.
While full of peppery sharpness, it’s not overbearing and delivers a rich palette to savour. This is a slow-smoking cigar to to be enjoyed on a nice cool evening, and I love it.