Nica Libre1990

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I literally sunk my teeth into this cigar from the looks of the photo, but it was hard not to as I really enjoyed this supposed Padron emulating cigar.

I like box pressed cigars a lot, they always light up willingly and the taste delivered is condensed but not too harsh to enjoy. And the Nica LIbre delivers a very smooth, cool smoke when puffed. The mouth & tongue quickly come to life with a variety of textures everywhere; a coffee & chocolate coat the mouth while a lightly-salty bitterness zings the tip of the tongue, and a nice citrusy sweetness in the middle, with more salt on the sides. There’s a slight hint of pepper towards the back of the throat adding another layer. Retrohaling cooks the smoke to a sweet, salty meat where an interesting hint of raisin remains behind, as well as a zing of salt.

The aroma is highly enjoyable, it’s full, rich and deep with a strong cocoa sweetness to it with a hint of cinnamon, some pepper, a very unique tobacco herbal quality and even some caramel. When idling, it gets much richer and earthy where a more milky sweetness comes out.

I will say that initially this is very reminiscent of a Padron, however, it’s not exact, especially in the taste. It’s a great cigar in its own right, I don’t feel they’re trying to make a cheap knockoff, but just a similar style that happens to be very close to another cigar. I will gladly be buying more of these, that’s for sure.