Te-Amo World Selection Sieries Honduras

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A brand discovered at Tobacco Field in Wilmington, DE, I picked this one up specifically because it was quite large and I felt the need for enjoying a baseball bat sized cigar, and it was the Honduras blend, and I’m quite fond of Honduras smokes.

Produced by the not-so-loved Altadis USA company from seeing reviews on the internet, I looked forward to it anyway as I’m trying to find more Mexico based cigars, and the long-filler in this is of Mexican origin.

The cigar puffs silky-smooth with a cool smoke entering the mouth where a hint of cinnamon or very-light pepper nips the tip of the tongue, depending on the cigar’s mood. The mouth receives a smoky coating of dry wood, with some coffee melting onto the tongue. A light sugar remains in the aftertaste. Retrohaling cooks the smoke even more, heating it up but remaining consistent of dry wood. A tobacco herbal quality comes out during this, tingling the sides with a light pepper. Exhaling through the nose is a bit hot from this and slightly peppery. A distinct leathery quality exists throughout the smoke, with notes of cinnamon and coffee faintly appearing now and again.

The aroma is quite enjoyable albeit light consisting of a very noticeable chocolate aroma with a light sugar, caramel and a nice herbal tobacco quality. The aroma is definitely richer than the taste. On idle, it warms up to a rich deep chocolaty sweetness.

Overall the cigar smokes very consistent while being light on the taste but offering up a nice aroma. It smokes light-to-medium for me, and given the price of these for this size, this could make a nice regular smoke that won’t overpower, but it isn’t anything extremely exciting overall, but I did find it satisfying nonetheless, and will look for this larger size to purchase as such.