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Tosa (Dominican) [Toro];

I discovered Tosa‘s cigars on Twitter, after the company followed me on there. Right away, I jumped to their website and ordered a 3-sized sampler. That marketing tool worked!

Right out of the wrapper, this cigar emits a powerful, rich tobacco smell with an oily leather note. It lights up very easily with a match, but right off the bat I notice the draw is a bit tight.

The smoke draws cool, gently laying a lush smokey taste throughout in the mouth. A light citrusy bitterness remains on the tongue. The taste of smoked meat and dry wood melts in the mouth with a touch of a dry tobacco resting in the throat.

The aroma is rich and thick with a warm tobacco quality accompanied by layers of sugar and a light caramel. The room note warms up to reveal a heavenly rich tobacco with a sweet cooked quality to it with a more noticeable sugary quality.

Retrohaling is enjoyably smooth with only a mild sense of pepper through the nose. A pronounced dry, smoked wood taste remains in the mouth, melting away to a caramel sweetness.

This is a very nice smoking cigar, it reminds me of some of My Father’s other cigar offerings with its rich smoked tobacco quality. Can’t wait to taste the other sizes and compare how they dish out the flavour.