Applying the Vinyl Side Art

In Asteroids
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Following the awesome video by This Old Game on Installing Arcade Side Art, the process went fairly similar even with the top protection layer. It was heavier to work with, and the pre-cut artwork was pretty close with not much room on the overhang. Using a cardboard shipping tube still helped immensely to peel the bottom layer off. Using the squeegee to press the vinyl down to the wood took much more effort due to that top layer. Applied it dry with only a handful of air bubbles, which I took care of afterwards.


Pulling that protective layer off was an unnecessary, arduous task. I don’t see the point for it.

I used a heat-gun to wrap the vinyl over the edge as shown in the video. I like how this looks when the molding is attached.

And that I believe is the longest, more demanding part of a cabinet restoration, and it’s finished! Woohoo! Now let’s scrub out the inside of it. I do a first pass with some Simple green, then hot water & bleach (ensuring mildew death & prevention), and a final hot-water pass, and finally towel dried.

Asteroids, meet your younger brother, Asteroids Deluxe!

Finally, Asteroids can join his younger brother in the game room!