Asteroids Arcade Game Restoration

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This is my entry for a $100 Asteroids acquisition this monday from a spring cleaning sale posted by ec Amusements on craig’s list.


I ended up also getting a Sega Turbo for $100, and had a friend pick them up for me with his trailer. The guys at ec Amusements were very helpful in getting them loaded and tied down correctly. Great place overall, hope to get some more deals like this from them again!

Asteroids was sold not-working and in the early stages of restoration. Some wood-bondo has been already done as well as an early sanding. Overall, the cabinet is in great condition physically, there’s only minor bangs here and there and no major loss of wood, and absolutely no water damage that I can see. It just looks like hell right now.

Inside the cabinet is just very dusty, after looking at the pathetic power cable and the caked-on dust on the power block, I’m not going to plug this thing in. Found the usual random bits of plastic inside, and .35cents.

The marquee is in excellent condition, and the control panel has a new overlay just put on. Some early work on cutting the holes out has been done, and that’s it. The plastic bezel for the front is in rough shape, thankfully those are easy to come by. I will try my hand at fixing this up from other posts I’ve read before I just get a replacement. The cardboard overlay for the monitor is all there and looks great.

The coin door is completely fucked, it has a large dent in the front, but the mechanisms on the back look to be fine.

So after the work I’ve done on my Asteroids Deluxe restore, this should go pretty smooth since it’s a more basic cabinet than AD is.