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The yellow tape on the back of the board is because it was purchased from ChooChoo Arcades on ebay.

The first, easy thing to do is throw the Asteroids board into Asteroids Deluxe and see what happens. No game. Flipped into test mode and got the test-pattern and wavy lines.

Alright, let’s pull all the IC’s out and clean the contacts with 200grit sandpaper, DeOxit and replace. A few of these chips were nearly blackened on one side.

So much for an easy win, this didn’t correct anything.

Probably can’t hear the odd noise from the video either, but it’s there. I do know that some work has already been done to this board, there is a very obvious replacement that looks odd to me, why is there a wire on top of this? Should that be connected to something? Looking at some of the other IC connections, there may be some lifting occurring. Some of the points don’t seem to be soldered too well. This may just take some time to re-solder connections.

Shipped the board off to Cwilbar on KLOV who volunteered to address it. His diagnosis and work took quite a bit of time and tedious analysis. I can’t say enough about his excellent PM updates on the work he was doing. This was arduous to say the least on his part. Well worth it, as I don’t think I could have done this considering I do not have the equipment and extended knowledge for this. ¬†

  • Removed RAM and sockets @ D2 & E2
  • Repaired traces in the D2/E2 area
  • Installed dual wipe sockets @ D2 & E2 and re-installed RAM chips
  • Diagnosed bad 74LS244 @ C2
  • Removed 74LS244, installed dual wipe socket and installed a replacement 74LS244
  • Diagnosed bad 74LS08 @ B8
  • Removed 74LS08, installed dual wipe socket and installed a replacement 74LS08
  • “Burned in” in for about 1.5 hours, played a dozen games, no more faults.

#asteroids #arcade board finally working! It’s in an asteroids deluxe for testing so it’s upside down. A video posted by Scotty Emerle (@sonikkubrat) on

Before and after photos!

motherboard top comparison
motherboard bottom comparison

November 28th, 2016

I recapped the main board with the kit from Arcade Parts and Repair. This went great, nothing exploded!
Asteroids Main Board Recap