Cabinet Stripdown – Removing Everything

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Time to get started! This cabinet needs to get stripped apart, prepped and painted for the new vinyl and laminate.

Removed the marquee, speaker, etc., coin-door, and random stuff in the cabinet (found an IC down there) and vacuumed the decades of dust so I am not breathing that in as I work. Starter is missing on the fluorescent light fixture.

A random 6502 CPU

Took a heat gun and removed the side vinyl, it didn’t come off as easily as my Asteroids Deluxe did, but I only have one side to remove since work was started on the other.┬áSpent a couple days in 90┬░ with a heat gun in the garage trying to get the other side of vinyl artwork off. This was tough because it had been sanded down. I was going to leave it and paint over it, but changed my mind. A lot of areas are too thin to heatgun off, the vinyl has been married too much into the wood. Most of it is off, however, so this shouldn’t be a problem after some additional sanding and the coats of paint to follow.

Old vinyl removes

Next is the front laminate on the kick panel. This poor thing has been through a lot, and it has to go.

asteroids kick panel20160522_143019

To help loosen the adhesive glue from the wood, I started off by dabbing a cloth into some acetone, padding and dripping it along the top part to get it started. Took less than a minute to see the laminate start popping off from the wood, which is all I needed to wedge a putty knife in between and start separating it. Every once in a while I pulled the laminate back and poured a little more acetone down into it. Wait a quick moment and you can practically pull it apart without much effort. I almost had the entire laminate piece off without breaking, but it was already cracked where the two holes were drilled for a locking bar thing.


With this now cleared up, the rest of that crappy bondo can be removed and the two holes for the old security bar will get patched up with DAP Plastic Wood.