Online Asteroids High Score Save Kit Install

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Installed JCH’s Online Asteroids High Score Save kit! I was really excited for this and HighScoreSaves was quick with getting it out.

To run the network cable safely to the board, I bought a Switchcraft EHRJ45PE RJ45 Cat5 Feedthru Panel Mount Connector (Shielded). Shielded because of the ginourmous transformer sitting next to it, not that this high-score device will require mass amount of bandwidth.

Sadly it seems all the network cables I have seem to be missing at least one clip, so I’ll pick up some new ones to properly run this cable so it isn’t dangling in the cabinet and putting stress on the board. But at least this will prevent the add-on board from being ripped out from an accidental tug on the cable from the outside.

Gotta love the loading screen, all that’s missing is one of JCH’s awesome chiptunes.