Atari’s Monte Carlo Rescue

In Monte Carlo
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Welcome to my rescue and restoration of Atari’s 1979 driving arcade game, Monte Carlo.

One day on the KLOV forum, an empty Atari Monte Carlo showed up for free. I never heard of this game before until this posting, so a quick trip to youtube to check out the gameplay, and wow, it looks like a pretty cool driving game with a scrolling playfield! I offered to take it if no one else did. Soon after, a few members chimed in offering up parts they had to put this game back together. Alright then, the hard part of hunting down all this stuff quickly became the easy part, so here we go! Welcome the newest addition to my growing arcade lineup!

Arrival Day in the Garage!
Arrival Day in the Garage!

Atari Monte Carlo cabinet Serial #20
Atari’s Monte Carlo Cabinet Serial #20

Seller’s original photo posting, for posterity:

And here we go with a small gallery of interior and exterior shots with the cabinet stripped down: