Control Panel

In Monte Carlo
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This control panel, and specifically the steering mechanism, is not too difficult or complex to take apart and rebuild. The most difficult part was in finding the right type of grease to use.


This game needs the steering to be flickable like with Turbo. I bought a few different types of lube & grease off Amazon and after some trial and error (and a lot of cleaning), Finish Line Bicycle Chain Lube worked the best. I hope it doesn’t evaporate in a few weeks, we’ll see.

Cleaned up and greased the shifting mechanism, it’s working much better now. Didn’t pay attention to my photos and put the one switch on the wrong spot, thankfully I tested it before mounting it back in.

Also worthwhile to note, the shorter-cabled volcano button is the Start button.

All bolts, shovel connectors, etc. got the corrosion cleansing ritual, wire brush, sanding on some parts for rust removal, and a coat of paint for the outward facing bolts.

Left and right sides were chipped of the CP overlay, and a few more spots on the top. Primed & painted as little and exact an area over these as possible to prevent rusting. Looking into how I can make a tracing from my other CP to make a stencil for repainting the white line work.

Replacement digital encoder wheel thingy in place and NOS shifter bezel with painted lettering from I also tried my hand at painting the Atari logo on the plastic center-cap on the steering wheel. I figured why not, I need to hunt down a NOS one anyway since this is also cracked. It’s not the best job in the world…

One issue I am having is the steering wheel itself wobbles a little bit. I do not know what to tighten to resolve this. Everything screws into plastic so it’s way to easy to overtighten and crack, and this already has happened on the fixed bezel piece that locked the steering wheel assembly to the panel with the block of wood in between. That thing needs replaced as it’s cracked.

I have the very long screw that goes from the center of the wheel to the far end in nice and tight as well. I just don’t know what’s causing the wobble.