Gameboard Mounting Rails

In Monte Carlo
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This truly was an empty cabinet, even the mainboard rails are gone!

After going over the manual tech drawings and finding only one photo of the inside of this cabinet, plus comparing previous Atari driving games near this year, I settled on a set of wooden rails purchased from The Arcade Boneyard that came from a Pole Position 2. It was confirmed that wooden ones, opposed to plastic ones, is correct.

I sent one of the larger rails off to a friend to cut a groove in the other side.

Came back perfect! Now the hard part, installing them without making anything crooked.

I placed the boards in position and screwed them into their existing corner hole for alignment. Had to move the main board’s upper rail upward a tad to adjust for the groove depths holding the bottom part of the A/R board. Drilled new hole in mounting block for the board. Screwed that back in, and aligned everything several times, checking and quadruple checking.  Finally drew lines under the rails to mark position and depth using a skinny sharpie.

It was a nice hot 86 degree day, the DAP Contact Cement sprayed on the wooden rails and started drying nice and quickly. 10 minutes later it was time to start placing them in the cabinet, and this went smooth. Started with the bottom rail, pressed down firm. Put the upper middle rail in, pressed down firm, then slid the main board into place. No mistakes! It’s perfect. Placed the final top rail for the A/R II board, slid that in place and thank god everything’s straight! Just the hint of upper gap on both boards.

Pulled the boards out and found some heavy stuff to stack on the wooden rails and let it sit like that for a few hours while I cleaned and organized the garage.

Picked the game back up and retested the board fitment and it’s still good. These rails feel nice and solid on the wall, they thankfully shouldn’t be going anywhere.

We’re close to moving the game upstairs for final assembly. Found one more hole inside the cabinet that I want to deal with first.