Power Block Details

In Monte Carlo
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The power block used in Monte Carlo is unique to this game I believe, just as the Audio/Regulator board is.

After stripping it apart, I hit it with a rough sandpaper disc using the metal grinder on the top, then hit the rest of it using a 320 grit disc on an orbital sander, plus some sanding by hand in the nooks. Polished with brasso, all bolts and exposed connectors cleaned up, new big blue.

I highlighted two areas underneath the block where the two set of wires are the same color. I marked a set with a black marker. On the bottom of big blue, I marked the pcb (only one mark is shown in the photo but I marked both sides in the end, and this marker cleans right off with acetone) as well as the wires coming off the transformer. Same with the second set of orange wires on the fuses. Don’t let that mess you up!


Position Value Type
F1 3a 250v 3AG Slow
F2 3a 250v 3AG Slow
F3 2.5a 125v 3AG Slow
F4 2.5a 125v 3AG Slow
F5 8a 125v 3AG Normal
F6 2,5a 250v 3AG Slow