Sourcing all the parts

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Nearly all of the parts came from KLOV user Chopperthedog with this story:

The cab I got the parts from was from a bad basement and was literally out in the yard along with all the other shit from the house including the stratovox I restored. Main doors to house had shiny new padlocks and big florescent orange stickers. I bought both games from the sobbing lady who was digging through all the shit looking for photos and other family stuff. But the Monte Carlo cab was fucked over with mold and water damage, drove my truck down the hill and on the lawn (like she cared anyway  ) and parted it on site and left it. I used the Monte Carlo board and AR in trade to get a working stratovox board set. This was August of 2014.

Sad to hear there is one less Monte Carlo cabinet around, that makes 599 still out in the wild possibly!

Here’s images from ChooperTheDog before shipping.

And as received, the man did an excellent packing job. They came in two big old boxes.

Motherboard supplied by KLOV member Atari Force!

Audio/Regulator came from Andrewb’s personal, complete collection (well, no longer)! This is what he has to say on this unique to Monte Carlo board:

Note that this AR is actually a bit of an odd duck, in that it is more similar to an AR-I-01 (for Asteroids) on the 5V side, and is a little different than a typical AR-II. Specifically, there are two locations in what is called the ‘sense circuit’ (which are labeled as R29 and R30 on normal AR-II’s, though on this board there are no labels), where diodes were used in the AR-I, but were later replaced with resistors in normal AR-II’s.

One side effect of this difference is that you will measure an artificially high voltage if you try to measure the 5V output without the game board plugged in. The voltage will be around 6.3V. Do not be alarmed, as this is normal, and it will return closer to 5V when the game board is plugged in. Be sure to check and adjust the 5V *using the 5V and GND test points on the game PCB*, once it is plugged in.

Needed to get a new Light Hub. I cleaned this original one with Acetone and it melted the plastic. Shit. Atari Force came through with a replacement.

Bought a new shifter bezel from The old one had faded numbers on it and was cracked. This game has a 4 gear layout.