Steering Wheel & Pedal Assembly Cleanup

In Monte Carlo
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The foot pedal seemed like an easy thing to start on next along with the steering wheel. The foot pedal got a naval-grease bath to remove a lot of the rust off, then some passes with a metal grinder followed by the brollow pad. Outside of getting chromed, it’s looking a lot better.

I was afraid to use naval jelly on the very rusty spring in that it might completely disintegrate. Probably not, but I sanded it up by hand anyway. Hit the top part of the pedal with a brush on a metal grinder. Decided not to paint over it. All the rust is gone so that’s the important thing, I can live with the pock marks for now. Once things slow down with my games, I’m going to send stuff out to get chromed, and this pedal will be included. Bottom plate had some minor rust removed and a coat of paint on the bottom. Sanded the wood and applied a new coat of paint where necessary.


Steering Wheel

A brillo pad and some love cleaned this right up.