Atari’s Paperboy Arcade Game

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Found in the classified section on NextDoor, posted 2 days prior to me seeing it. Literally 5 minutes away. Seller has a Tekken 3 and Capcom bowling also at good prices, but I had to message him…

Is the Paperboy still available?

Seller’s Original Photo

That line will never get old

Even better, he has a contractor’s Express van to move it! I just needed to go over and help him get it out of the basement. Hardest thing I’ve done so far collecting these games.

Before attempting to move it up the seller’s stairs

I’ve moved a few games at a friend’s first house with a similar basement staircase that involves a 90 degree landing turn midway. My friends staircase was wider, as was the landing. This guy’s was just wide enough to fit a game down facing you. Turning it on the landing was just painful even with 3 people helping out. The walls took some abuse (and probably a whole lot more when he tries to move that Capcom Bowling out of there, how the hell did it get down there anyway).

I ended up on the top of the moving effort near the end, the game needed to be angled oddly to get it into the hallway and the back door was facing me. Once we got it onto the main floor, I just slowly sank back and down onto the floor, with Paperboy on top. Didn’t hurt, wasn’t a quick fall, and they got it up off of me quickly, but my body (legs mostly) just gave out after all that.

So yeah, I earned this damn game. 

Overall the game works, plays fine, monitor is incredible (and as I found out after opening, it’s a relatively new tube and chassis) and only has minor dings and stuff along the edges.

  • Controller “centers” with a slight turn to the right.
  • A support beam under the top of the control panel is broken.
  • Was able to pry the back door open and found keys behind the coin door!
  • It doesn’t look like a Championship Sprint conversion to me.
  • No jumped or bypassed fuses!
  • Test mode shows ROM Fail at 2D
  • Right speaker has no sound
  • Odd vertical streak on left side of display

Test Mode Results


A Few Closeups

Woo! Keys were inside on back of the coin door!
69,330 plays totalling $17,332.50 before the counter was disconnected
Broken support under CP
Worn-In groove causing the steering to center to the right
Mystery hole, probably to a security bar setup

Rev. A Boards, Audio/Regulator and Stereo Amp