Viktim at Digital Ferret

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CD Release Party at Digital Ferret. Since the CD was the older electronic/EBM stuff, I played the digital set. We had a few technical issues, well, Eddie did. The first song started out in double-fucking-time!

I had my camera there to record it, and while I asked a friend of the band to start the camera when we went on (and thankfully he did), it was mostly focused on me and not far back enough to get everyone else. 🙁

Nic (Bassist) was not present for this show. Myk IS playing, but was off to the right of the video camera and just not in the shot, sadly. The camera battery died just as we started the last 4 songs with Cannon on guitar. Sound in this recording isn’t the greatest, it’s a cheapo Kodak M1063 after all. 😀

We had a fun time playing regardless, glad to see so many people showing up for us! Thank you all!

Viktim lineup at this show:
Eddie threat – programming, vocals, guitars,
Myk – Guitar, programming
Nick the Scum – bass tendencies
Cannon – guitar
Scotty – Drums