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My good friend Alex Cowperthwaite had to unload some audio equipment, sadly…but man is it ever my gain! I got this pair of Martin Delta 4050 tower speakers, although with a replaced tweeter set, and man are they just amazing. Definitely worth replacing the box speakers on the living room stereo with, and worth putting the stereo into Stereo mode opposed to DTS Surround mode too.

In fact, it’s quite tricky to describe just how good these speakers are. I did a test and hooked them up to my Hafler DH-220 Mosfet amp. There’s no noise or snow when nothing is being played. The clarity and sound range coming through these is very well balanced. They breath. I don’t know how to explain that, but they breath. Box speakers do not breath.

My way of detecting “range” from what I’m listening to lies in cymbal hits and crashes; because I’m a drummer, I know what they should sound like. Cymbals also live at a higher frequency than most other sounds, and get some unusual treatment during post. MP3 compression, for instance, kills cymbals in music; it degrades and digifies them. But, removing sound-source from the equation, small boxier speakers can’t clearly produce a clean cymbal crash without it sounding…squashed? Limited? Not sure how to explain that.

These martins sparkle with the sound of a cymbal hit or crash. I am very, very pleased.

I contacted Martin themselves about these speakers. The response from them has been astounding; they sent me old scans of brochures, ads, and the spec sheet. I greatly thank the folks at Martin for this and present some of the imagery below!

Martin Speakers USA Delta 4050

  • 2 11″ Woofer
  • 5″ Cloth Curvilinear Midrange
  • 1″ Dome Tweeter
    • This has been replaced on my set
  • 100 Hz-900 Hz-4kHz
  • 28 Hz-22 kHz +/-4
  • 125 W
  • 92 dB-1 W-1 M
  • 100-300 W per channel
  • 8 ohms
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