Original White Van Speakers

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Original white Van Speakers

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Found this pair of Acoustic Reference Studio Monitor 1201 Series speakers in the trash walking home from my run in the park. Had to carry them for 4 blocks!

As my friend on Facebook quickly pointed out, these are a fine example of the original, authentic White Van Speakers:

A white van rolls up to a guy in a parking lot. The passenger yells out, “Hey, wanna buy some killer stereo speakers? I got some extra speakers, see. They gave ’em to me by mistake. These babies sell for $1200 in the high-end stereo stores. But I tell ya what I’m gonna do. Because I like you, I’m gonna sell you this last pair for only $400! Great deal huh?”

Well then! They have actually proven themselves good enough to be used in the bedroom. I found they are just fine for listening to music at a very low volume (0.7db), and due to the size of the woofer and other speakers, the sound gets dispersed much better than a small-box speaker. The smaller speakers also sound “boxy” at a lower volume.

So it was worth the lugging. Plus, they do look damn cool.

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