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iPhone 4 Purple screen replacement split

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So I unfortunately had dropped and cracked my iPhone 4…twice. The first time was while sitting in the back yard on one of the adirondack chairs, I had left the phone on the arm and swiped it off completely by accident…onto the brick ground. Then, the following weekend while at a wine-tasting event at the Hotel Dupont in Wilmington, DE, I accidentally dropped it down a story and a half of marble-topped stairs.

As you can see in the photo, it was pretty fucked up.

I originally bought a rose-colored case from an eBay vendor to replace it for $65.00. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was for an iPhone 4S. I discovered this after I had completely taken the iPhone apart and was about to place the front scrreen onto the case when I noticed the mounts didn’t line up. Jesus H Christ.

So looking around the interwebs I tried to find the same color for the iPhone 4 but no luck. I also ran into a lot more reviews complaining about screen-quality from the cheaper kits; the screens were not as bright as the original case. Also, the cheaper plastic cases has crappy camera coverings that photographed marks and scratches due to the poor quality case. Since the iPhone 5 isn’t due out in october, I decided to go for a more expensive quality case.

After reading a lot of reviews, I found the cases from iphoneparts.com to be of pretty good quality in this respect. The one very purple case I really liked from there was close to $100, a bit too much in case I couldn’t put my phone back together in working order again. So I settled on this pink & purple hybrid for $80, including repair kit.

Overall, thanks to this amazing Installing iPhone 4 Display Assembly guide on ifixit.com, I successfully replaced the front screen! The back was easy, of course.

Overall I’m quite ecstatic that I was able to do this with the incredibly small screws and somewhat complex undertaking required to replace the front screen. But it went well! I placed all the screws in separate shot-glasses with a piece of paper referring to the instruction number form the guide. Reassembly was almost very easy, however, I had to completely remove the actualy front-screen holding screws to get the old screen off, which the guide does not recommend. If it hadn’t been for the washer son these screws it would have been much easier, but trying to get those micro screws with a washer together using magnetic-screwdrivers was a god damn challenge. But…I did it! Wooo!

Overall I do like the new case and the fact that I now have a unique coloured iPhone. I’m also glad I chose to go with the white-outline accent on this color, it really works well. I also chose to use the original black button instead of the matching coloured purple home button, I think the black matches the iPhone’s screen when it’s off very well.

As you can see in the photos, the new case does show fingerprints pretty easily, but so did the original iPhone black case, it just hid them better due to the black color. But, the screen’s brightness is on par with the original iPhone’s quality, and that I’m very happy about.