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Computer Specs



  • Hard Drive : WD 250 Gig SATA
  • DVD: Pioneer DVD-108 Burner
  • External: Zip 250


  • CPU: 3.5Ghz, 1105Mhz Bus
  • Memory: 3-2-2-5 @ 5:4
  • Graphics: 410Mhz Core/1.03 Mem

Cooling is of course watercooled using all Koolance waterbocks with the PC2-650 case. The CPU, GPU & Chipset are all cooled this way.

The Hard Drive has a bottom-mounted aluminum heat-sink with fans for cooling. 2 Additional PC case fans, one located on the front of the case, the other in the back, push air out to the back.

A later mod addition was a small LCD screen that I placed inside the case. It was powered right off the PSU using a standard 5-pin adapter with the video coming from the S-Video connection off the videocard.