Case Modding Thoughts

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So I’m going to talk about case modding a bit. Obviously there was a lot of it at the GXL. Well, not quite. You see, there were no [b]real[/b] original mods like you see at Quakecon or such. No lawnmowers, computers in doughnuts or such. Only Doom Prophet’s Radio Mod was original. Everything else, like mine, was an off-the-shelf assembly piece.

Not that this is bad mind you. Not all of us have the talent, time or man-tools to do custom stuff. So putting together a case with glowy flashy-things and jaw-dropping hardware can be fun and nice to look at. Why should this stuff be boring anyway.

Allowing myself to brag a bit, I got a lot of compliments on my system, Brat Box ][. The simple reason for this is the clean appearance inside. The most amount of time in assembling this system was with wire-management. It tiresome, but it’s shure as hell worth all the time. I saw (and photographed) a lot of could-be awesome systems with watercooling, expensive hardware, etc. that looked like man-ass (thank you jim) because they just completely ignored wire management and let the shit dangle all over the case. No love, what a shame.

And what a difference a few twist ties could make. I love seeing a case with 6 CC Tubes and a mess of wires pressed up to the window. So much for airflow eh?

Seeing what people do with their systems at LANS is still fun. Talking to people about their hardware choices is entertaining (to some of us anyway). I’ve met some good people because of this system or their systems when I walk around. The decorations are not very expensive. Hardware is of course, but the fun stuff isn’t. As with anything though, a bit of time is needed to make it all work.