Fixing Intel RAID RST Driver Crash on Bootup in Windows 8.1

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First off let me get this out of the way.

Fuck you, Microsoft, fuck you and your shit.

Ok, on to the answer. If you’ve recently upgraded or newly installed Windows 8.1 and have the Intel Matrix Storage Controller enabled in RAID mode, and Windows 8.1 crashes with the blue sad-face screen, hopefully this works for you.

I finally found a working resolution for this after way too much time farting around with drivers and BIOS options thanks to a post on from the guy Saltgrass, found here.

In short:

  1. Disable RAID Controller in the BIOS
  2. Boot into Windows
  3. Install the latest Intel RST Drivers
  4. Run MSCONFIG, and under the Boot tab, check Safe Boot
  5. Reboot the computer, go into the BIOS and enable the RAID controller
  6. Windows should boot into SAFE mode and your RAID should now show up
  7. Run MSCONFIG, and under the Boot tab, un-check Safe Boot
  8. Hope. Pray. Win. Reboot the computer.