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The site was recently moved, and is now kindly being hosted by Snowman on his Colo hostint thing, the same place where DDD Games is hosted.

So the site is no longer hosted through my DSL connection because I no longer have it. I decided to join the dark side and get a cable modem. Two reasons for this, the first and most important one is my decision to switch my landline telephone to cel only, so the DSL had to go. Secondly, 5MB download is too hard to resist! So I figured I can live without the static IP & the fear of being dropped for use of un-allowed port useage in favor of a better connection. It’s been very good to me so far, Alkmost 5MB download and I’m just kissing 1MB upload rate. Needless to say, some people are benefitting from my upload rate. 😀

I also pimped out my rig a bit more. I’ll have a full thing of it up here soon. Some crap was drawing too much power so that stuff will be given away at our next netfest as prizes. It’s nice to know also that I’ll be seeing power issues again real soon with the next generation of graphics cards. An ENTIRE FUCKING RAIL. There goes my lights…and the fans…and the LCD TFT screen…

I should probably take advantage of some of the abilities of PostNUKE. I’d like to ad some reviews & things here, but my first problem is finding time right now to write up something propper. Most of the shit I buy anyhow is the result of many other more detailed reviews I already found on the net, so why add more.